What phase of real estate are we in after the pandemic ?

The world has surpassed its own expectations in transformation in no time and beyond every means. With unprecedented behavioral patterns in people, it can be stated that people today are more inclined towards a cosmopolitan lifestyle and thus, on a look out for an urbanized society.

The pandemic hit the pause button without a clue of what next. Every industry was badly impacted and real estate being the most likely. With technological upgradation, work moved indoors and both residential and commercial spaces went vacant, keeping the real estate stakeholders wondering their future whereabouts.

But post pandemic, like every other industry, real estate is in a recovery phase with the statistics pointing at a stronger and positive bounce back. Here’s why –

Apart from the above highlighted points, there are many unseen factors like psychological factors, emotional security, safety net etc that determine the cycle’s direction and help the real estate revive gradually.

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